Get Your Yearbook Here!

Two ways to order your book!

1. To order your yearbook and pay online, simply CLICK HERE! 

2. Download the form below to order by mail.


Order by November 10th at a cost of $80. 

Orders after November 10th will cost $85.  


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 Top 10 Reasons to buy a Yearbook:


10:       Everyone gets their picture IN the yearbook.


9:         To give your children something to laugh about when they see your hairstyle and outfit.


8:         Many years from now, you will be able to reread the messages and signatures your friends, teachers, coaches and principal write in your book.     


7:         To read the sweet and perhaps embarassing things your parents write in senior ads.


6:         To remember what your friends used to look like when you are getting ready to see them at the class reunion.


5:         You can brag about how you went to school with someone famous person who just got elected, nominated, convicted or awarded.


4:         Your classmates can drag out their yearbooks when #5 happens to you!


3:         Because Westborough High School is the greatest and you want to keep those wonderful memories.


2:         You don't want to miss out on all the fun when yearbooks arrive in May!


1:        When you are really, really old, your yearbook will prove that in the past, children went to this place full of other kids where you learned stuff. It was called “School.” No one will know what you are talking about.  :)